Newham Deanery Choir was formed in 1994 by Helen Coleman. (Helen has now moved to Buckinghamshire and the choir wishes her and her husband Bob every blessing)

The choir was formed with the purpose of enhancing music in the Newham Parishes. Jo Bergin-McCarthy was the original conductor and she continued to accompany the choir when Mark Sullivan took over. The choir is now directoed by Margaret Elsom.

The choir has sung at Ordinations, Celebrations of Canonization and various other occasions.

The choir regularly learns new music which is often taken back to Parishes.

If the choir is invited to sing at a Parish Mass, the idea is to assist the worship and not to take over.
The choir always welcomes new members.

The next rehearsal date can be found on this site on the page 'rehearsals'. Please feel free to turn up. However, if you would like more information, please contact the choir via the Contact Form on this site.